Sponsor a Cage

Become a shelter hero by sponsoring one of the cages or rooms in our shelter! Your sponsorship provides a haven for a furry friend in need and ensures comfort, care, and a pathway to a loving home. Help us create brighter tomorrows for our cherished companions.

A heartfelt thank you to our 2024 sponsors:

Cage 1 Sponsored by Meg Krepinevich.
Cage 2 Sponsored by Cathie Pragano.
Cage 3 Sponsored by Tom Stiner.
Cage 4 Sponsored by Laurie Phillips.
Cage 5 Sponsored by Paula, Robert, Olivia & Stella Sprano.
Cage 6 Sponsored by Amber, Ryan, Aaron & Cheyenne Pinard.
Cage 7 Sponsored by James & Lynn Vitone.
Cage 8 Sponsored by Joseph Vitone & Andrea.
Room 1 Sponsored by Tom & Anita Evans.
Room 2 Sponsored by Cindy Slekis.
Room 3 Sponsored by Adrian Peng Correia & Rachel Sadlowski.
Room 4 Sponsored by Jim & Antonia Vitone.
Room 5 Sponsored by Adrian Peng Correia & Rachel Sadlowski.
Room 6 Dedicated in honor of Marley.
Room 7 To be announced.
Room 8 To be announced.
Room 9 Dedicated in memory of Jim Vitone.

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