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Lend a Helping Hand to a Needy Paw

As an all-volunteer non-profit, Animals for Life is in constant and ongoing need for any help you may like to offer. There are many ways to get involved!

Food Drives

Either in your school or workplace, sponsoring a food drive is a great way to help needy animals! The food collected goes toward our foster program, our feral cat program, and is often distributed to individuals or groups in need of assistance caring for their animals.

Fundraising/Grant Writing

Bringing in funds is always a concern for us since that’s what allows us to continue our mission! If you have an interest in assisting us with applying for grants, or any aspect of fundraising, please feel free to get in touch.

Event Planning

We welcome your participation at our events—brainstorming, coordinating, helping out, setting up–we are grateful for your help!

Also, if you would like to sponsor an event for Animals for Life, please let us know.

Volunteer Applications

Volunteer Application for Adults (18+)

Please download and print this application by clicking here and fill out all the requested information.

Completed forms can be emailed to contact@animalsforlife.org or faxed to 203-663-3926.

Please note: All applicants must at least 18 years of age. We are not accepting applications for community service at this time.


Fostering plays a crucial role in animal rescue. Animals for Life is in constant need of fosters in order to continue saving abused, neglected, and homeless animals.

Foster homes provide a stress-free environment that help transition the animal to their permanent home by giving them a chance to adjust to a home setting, socialize with people and other animals, and receive the love they deserve.

Animals for Life provides the following for each animal in foster care:

  • All animals have received appropriate vaccines, testing,  and medical attention
  • Any necessary expenses, including food and supplies, are provided for the animal

Responsibilities of the foster family include:

  • Providing love and care in a safe environment for the foster animal
  • Maintaining a relationship, and providing feedback, with our rescue to help find the best possible forever home for the animal

Becoming a foster is one of the most important roles in animal rescue, and is incredibly rewarding. Without fosters we would not be able continue our live-saving mission.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster, please complete an application today!

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