Lost & Found Pet Info

Tips on Finding Your Lost Pet

Time is of the essence when your pet goes missing. First, we suggest that you create a flyer with a good picture of your pet. The flyer should include descriptive information about your pet and a way to contact you. The flyer should be posted in local businesses, vets offices, and in the area where your pet was last seen.

Secondly, we suggest placing an ad in the “Lost and Found” section of your local paper as well as contacting your local pound or animal control officer to make them aware of your lost pet.

The websites listed below offer a lot of information on steps to take and advice on getting your pet back home.

Animals for Life’s Found Cat Policy

It is Animals for Life’s mission to find homes for animals that appear homeless or abandoned. If your cat leaves your property, he or she may be considered “abandoned property” under the law. Consequently, this means that no one is legally obligated to return your cat to you. This is why we highly suggest that you keep your cat indoors only.

Animals for Life does its best to return cats to their owners if we suspect they have one. We scan every cat we find for a registered microchip unless that cat appears to be a feral or “community” cat. If you believe Animals for Life has taken in your missing cat, please click this link to submit an inquiry.

If Animals for Life determines that it does have your missing cat, you must pay one of the fees listed below to reclaim your cat. Animals for Life does not guarantee that you will be reunified with your missing cat. Your cat may be adopted by another person if you do not contact us within a reasonable time. Animals for Life does not guarantee any holding periods for found cats.

Cats with registered microchip claimed in 24 hours No fee
Cats that have not yet received veterinary care $10/day after the first 24 hours
Cats that have received veterinary care $100

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